Small is the new green

Increasing environmental awareness along with economic and demographic trends favor smaller house sizes. Many cities are doing their part by updating zoning codes to allow cottage housing and small backyard cottages (detached ADU's) on residentially zoned lots. Seattle and Portland are two cities which allow backyard cottages up to 800 sq. ft. in size. These small houses provide opportunities for families, while increasing housing stock density and diversity. Continue reading for more information about small house design and Seattle's backyard cottage ordinance or contact us to find out if your lot is eligible for a backyard cottage.

Friday, June 14

microhouse - contemporary cottage housing

A unique take on cottage housing this new development on Seattle's Beacon Hill by microhouse uses an elevated walkway to connect these four houses.  

Pervious paving and the grated walkway help reduce the amount of impervious site surfaces.

The elevated walkway provides a unique opportunity to have public circulation on one level passing over private yards below, resolves a difficult sloping site, and reduces the apparent scale of the houses. 

The footprint of the Northern two houses (on the left) is a mere 16ft x 24ft. These houses feature 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. A real challenge but the end result is a home that feels airy and much bigger than its actual square footage.

 Replacing cabinet uppers with pantry storage areas is super efficient and allows for windows over the counter area.

Affordable bamboo flooring provides added warmth and a nice contract to the contemporary finishes.

Saturday, June 1

Enjoy this beautiful day and learn more about rain gardens.  Come and participate in the self guided Higland Park Improvement Club rain garden tour.